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Photovoltaic module mounting system

The EUR e+ SUN system consists of aluminium profiles and accessories made of various materials. The Eur e+sun has been developed as a modular system for the installation of solar panels and photovoltaic panels on different surfaces and for different applications. The system includes several aluminium profiles and accessories of different shapes and dimension for the assembly of many different types of panels. The concept of the system consists of quick assembly, convenience and the possibility to use the system simply with some tools in the workshop or directly on site. Our company designs and develops its own systems and components either for standard or special applications.

Modular frame system for cabinet and storage

The EUR-1 modular frame system, which is composed of profiles and accessories, is also applied to the assembling of cabinets or structures for protection and coverage of inverters, switches, electrical components and equipments. With this system it is possible to assembly /mount booths of various sizes that can be equipped with insulated panels and/or with louvers for cooling thank to a self-ventilation system of the structure. This system allows to mount cabinets of various dimensions that can be equipped with insulated panels and / or louvers in order to guarantee the circulation of the air for a self-ventilation and cooling of the room. The items as handle, locks, hinges and other accessories are available to finish the cabinet for its doors and panels.

Modular systems for machine covering

The EUR-1 modular system, thanks to its functional flexibility, is suitable to realize protection and covering structures for machines, production lines and plants; moreover it offers the opportunity to create a great range of shapes and dimensions. This system allows you to assemble cabinets in different sizes, that can be finished with insulated panels, plexiglass plates, metal sheets and/or air ventilation louvers.