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The Pro-Lam Alluminio S.r.l. company specialises in industries that involve extruding aluminium profiles, pressure die-casting lightweight alloys and moulding plastic for a variety of applications on both a national and international level.
Pro-Lam Alluminio S.r.l. was set up in 1985 as the result of a brilliant idea had by the businessman Luigi Cavenati, a man who had a great deal of experience in aluminium circles behind him. Thanks to help from his wife, Paola Villa, whose was responsible for the administrative side of things, the company soon became a point of reference in Italy when it came to selling laminates and aluminium profiles.
Over the years, the company has expanded in terms of turnover and the sales organisation, and it even branched out into Europe, a market that soon recognised this company as being a point of reference for drawn profiles and semi-finished parts that are used not only within the engineering and transportation industries, but also in the building trade.
The owner’s experience and technical know-how are what guide the company when it comes to designing and manufacturing the accessories that are made out of nylon, aluminium and iron which round off the range of products that the company has to offer. These new products were soon appreciated throughout Europe for their innovation and functionality.
The owner’s son Paolo Cavenati, after many years of experience working abroad for companies operative within both the aluminium industry and the sectors that surround it, then joined the company with the idea of gaining experience in all departments and on all the different production and organisational levels within the company.
Paolo Cavenati’s goal is to develop the accessory production department which will go on to become a major, fully-automated production pole. The production department is considered to be the only one of itskind in the world thanks to the level of automation that has been attained. This achievement was made possible thanks to the anthropomorphous applications that were designed ad hoc and which are used to make special automatisms that have helped to improve not only product quality levels but also the production speed.
Paolo, the owner’s son, is the company administrator and he has been running the company for a number of years now, reconfirming both its international importance in the aforementioned sectors and its position of leadership on a European level in certain industries such as industrial air treatment.
The company, which has overcome the quarter-of-a-century mark, has continued to expand and it can now boast excellent performance levels in terms of both turnover and produce. This result was achieved thanks to the big effort made by the founders, the actual management strategy undertaken and the commitment and professionalism of all the members of staff who bring added value that constantly enriches the value of the society.