Industrial air treatment systems

▪ Patented aluminium modular system for construction of framing structure easy to assemble, suitable for AHU, painting, soundproof isolation, drying plants, storage, food ovens, shelter for electric equipments.

▪ Material used: aluminium profile in alloy 6060, corner post and omega profiles with single flange or double wall available also for Thermal Break system, die-casted aluminim accessories, PA6 Nylon, polypropilene, polyethylene, policarbonate, PVC, Epdm, Stainless steel and galvanized steel.

▪ Products: aluminium profiles, corners, omega joints, mounting feet, handles, locks, hinges, portholes, panel stops, gaskets, filter holder profiles, panels, louvers, dampers, mist eliminators.

▪ Finishings: painting, anodic oxidation, sandblasting, galvanization.

▪ Industrial design and use of highly advanced materials.

▪ A wide range of standard and customized profiles and accessories.

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Products for photovoltaic systems

▪ System composed of aluminium profiles and accessories made of different materials, a wide range of shapes and dimensions for the assembling of a variety of photovoltaic systems on: flat roofs, corrugated roofs, industrial or civil roofs, installations on groud, shelters etc.
This systems is also used to build shelters for inverter and storage, modular switchboards.

▪ Material used: aluminium profiles, aluminium die-casted accessories. galvanised steel, stainless steel, PA6 nylon reinforced with fibreglass and others.

▪ Products: aluminium and stainless steel profiles, panel stops, special screws for roofs, square steel plates, spring sliders, triangles.

▪ Features: easy and fast assembling even carried out with simple tools directly at the construction site.

▪ Standard and customised profiles and accessories in order to meet the needs of customers.

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Aluminium profile extrusion

▪ Fully automatically production processes.

▪ Production capacity: 20.000 tons/year.

▪ Profile range: from 30 gr/mt up to 33 kg/mt.

▪ Alloy extruded: 6060, 6005, 6463, 6082, 6063, 1050.

▪ Presses: from 1800 tons up to 4000 tons.

▪ Customised extrusion.

▪ Available finishings: oxidation, painting, sandblasting.

▪ Mechanical machining on aluminium profile: cutting, drilling, shearing, milling.

Aluminum alloy die-casting

▪ Presses of different power (from 300 to 800 tons) and a low energy consumption.

▪ Fully automated work stations with (the aid of) anthropomorphic robots and automatic management systems and shearing.

▪ Production of a vast array of article of different weight and volume.

▪ Finishing of die-casted articles: sandblasting or painting.

▪ Aluminium alloys: EN-AB 46100 and other.

▪ Mechanical machining: drilling, cutting, milling, thread.

Plastic material moulding

▪ Plastic injection moulding carried out by presses of different power (from 140 to 450 tons).

▪ Fully automated workstations with (the aid of) anthropomorphic robots and automatic management systems.

▪ Wide range of article on our stock.

▪ Materials: Pa 6 nylon reinforced with fibreglass or PP, policarbonate, etc.

▪ Highly qualitative and productive performances.


▪ Near Milan, the 7000 square/metre warehouse guarantees the availability of Aluminium profiles, accessories, Aluminium coils and sheets.

▪ Aluminium profiles (6 metre length) and coils are handled and loaded/unloaded from trucks with cranes.

▪ Fork lifts are used to handle other goods packed on pallets.

▪ Delivery is usually made within 2 - 3 days from the approval of order’s confirmation, directly with our own trucks or through established international shipping agents.


Mechanic component design

▪ Research and development: the innovation and a constant research are Prolam's strenght.

▪ Technical Department: the Customer is followed step by step by professional team to develop an idea into a real project.

▪ Applications: the Technical department makes use of latest generation solid modeling softwares.

▪ Test: our products undergo a different and strictly quality and resistance tests.

▪ Certifications are issued by well-known National and international Certification Bodies.

Rapid prototyping 3D

▪ Prototype construction made of different material using 3d printers.

▪ Prototype costruction of several dimensions, weights and colours.


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