Today I want to present a new special version of the 50-pitch damper with a particular design,  so it can be mounted on the heat recovery units.

You already know we have a 100-pitch damper for heat exchangers, which goes in 2 types: full metal with aluminium gears  and   aluminium damper with nylon corners and nylon gears. Both of them with a frontal motor holder and with a pin that comes out laterally. 

The novelty is that the shape of these profiles has changed, it’s smoothed and the special blunted cut at 45˚ is ideal for dampers that are connected to heat exchangers, given the shape of most of them.


The new amazing feature is that the motor holder can be oriented by 90 or 180 degrees. This way, the customer can decide which side he’d like to position it on. In addition, this feature allows taking advantage of the inner space of the damper since lateral space isn’t always available. 

Coupled with the die-casted holder, the actuator can open/close the damper perfectly, assuring perfect regulation of the air. 

Dampers are available in different sizes and with many sections, as you need. The width of this frame is only 70 mm, and it can even be reached 60 mm. 

The damper can be provided with a pin on the side. In this case, we don’t have it to maximize the space of the air handling unit.

The damper is already assembled  but if you want to assemble it on-site, we can provide you with all the details.

This special damper is also available both in CLASS 2 and CLASS 3 in order to provide the customer with different options. 

This damper is perfect for small hit exchangers. It is also widely used in the air handling units of small mounts, and this one is just great.

It was a short review of the new 50-pitch damper heat recovery version. I hope it was informative. If you still have questions, our managers are always happy to help.

Prolam can supply this damper to companies that make heat recovery units. Or it can also be served to companies that buy heat recovery units and then mount the damper on the recovery unit itself.