Hello everyone, welcome back to our smiling point of view of innovative technologies. So nice to see you again. Today I want to present you a new latch handle system that allows you to manage the fastening of doors in order to be very flexible and very effective.                                                                             

This is our new DN ISO  1 , as you see it’s very compact and started at the same time. This latch is flash with the panel and is applied when you don't need an extra handle. The movement by the sludge is done by a removal key and of course it's also available with the key for lock.                                       

Now I will show you how it works. We need a removal key, with which I can easily open and close the latch. This product is absolutely suitable for security issues, nobody can open it without removing and of course it's absolutely flash on the panel. An internal latch is available in different options, can be in nylon or in aluminium for the adjustment feature and of course it can also be equipped with an internal handle.              Now let's talk about a system of latches which you can assemble with leverage, in case if you have more than one handle in one panel .

Here we are , the solution includes one large handle and three other latches the result is : we are moving the full system together by moving just one handle instead of four and the opening and closing is very easy and fast.

Thanks to the leverage mechanism the internal latches are fastening very well and the panel is pushing gaskets for perfect air tightness.

Look inside while I'm turning the handle it works so well that it seems I'm moving the handles one by one, but I'm moving just one handle. 

We think this solution is better.

The function is improved, the aesthetics are smarterand I would say less handles more actions! . 

that's it for today and I’ll see you soon bye-bye.