Hello! We are so excited to share the fantastic news with you: ProLam has reached its thousandth customer in the sector of products for urban spaces, mobile homes, and structures for the outdoor sector.

Thanks to our extraordinary Eur-1 modular system, well known for 40 years also in other sectors. The eur-1 system is 100% customizable, multifunctional, modular, lightweight, resistant, and made with anti-corrosion materials

What you can create with the EUR-1 modular system?

Infinite quality solutions: Modular homes, Structures for outdoor bins; Tool storage cabins; Technical room cabins; Changing cabins; Structures with advertising panels; Gazebos; Pergolas; Car sheds, and many others.

let me tell you more about mobile and prefabricated homes. It can be a tree house, office house, yoga house or relaxing house…

The structure is available in wood painting or can be coated in real wood panels. All structure is thermal break, you can even establish solar panels on the roof.

Our favorite model is the relaxing forest  house. The structure is entirely covered in 360-degree transparent panels that allow you an immersive experience in nature. In this way, you will observe everything around you and the stars above your head while remaining in the comfort of a protected enclosure.

Another very important part of our developments refers to systems for urban spaces.

The EUR 1 structure can be used as a technical compartment for gas meters, water pumps, garbage bins, or structures to hide service areas, and construction sites.

Look, now I'll show you some examples of how to aesthetically improve city streets, parks, and beaches. Our system is always economical and easy to assemble.

Let’s move on and see what else we can create with our modular system.

Car parking shed. 

will protect your car from atmospheric agents such as snow, hail, wind, sun etc.;

The structure is built with resistant materials capable of providing adequate protection for the vehicle.

Changing cabins

Thanks to the ventilated structure, you’ll always get a favorable temperature inside.  
And the smooth and washable surfaces, made with materials suitable for maintaining hygiene.

Advertising stands

Designed for parks, streets, fairs, and events . It’s available in various sizes (from the smallest to the largest ones) .

Gazebos and pergolas

Designed for beaches, parks, residential backyards, etc.

We offer different solutions for external finishes and various colors of the structure.

All these amazing structures I talked about you can build them with profiles and accessories of the EUR-1 system by Prolam. 

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Prolam the system for your great ideas.