Hi , welcome to our friendly point of view of innovative technologies . Today I'm gonna present you our brand new handle with full metal body. Actually this one is 3D printed prototype because our real handle is now in a production and it's going to be ready for you already in February 2022. I just couldn't wait to show you. This handle was a special design to work with thermal brake systems because none of the components goes through the panel avoiding thermal bridging. The new handle has an adjustable latch allowing the installer to regulate the pressure onto the panel in order to prevent air leakage and maximize air tightness. Now I'm going to show you how  to adjust the latch, so we open the latch and then we unscrew the big one and two little ones in order to push the latch out. After that we close the latch and then close the door.             

Now we're opening the latch again and we need to push the panel against the gasket , so we screw the two little grains and then big one, then close the latch. Now it's perfect .  It's also a very robust and sturdy product designed by our engineers to resist and guarantee its qualities throughout time. This handle is available in different colours and in two configurations :  standard one without a key and with a key. An additional benefit to use the handle with a key is that nobody can lock you inside,  I will explain you,  for example an operator needs to make some maintenances inside so he takes the keys with him and you see, nobody can lock him inside. So this handle guarantees security and possibility to exit anytime you need. 

I hope you like our brand new handle and don't forget it's going to be available already in February. I will see you next time bye.