Hello everyone welcome to our friendlypoint of view of innovative technologies. Due to the many requests from you, we decided to make this video to show youhow to assemble thermal brake system panel with rock wool mat.                                                                                                                         

In this difficult task , today will help me one of our best engineers , Paolo Valentino.                                         Let’s start,  first of all we lie down the metal inner part and then we put some glue orsilicone in the corners, than we position the profiles. You  must be very careful with the positioning of the two longer parts and  centering the panel and the other two profiles, if you centered it well the panel will be perfect otherwise the dimension of it will be not precise

Paolo will use self-tapping screws to fasten the plastic profiles together with the metal one.  He's taking the rock wool and is putting it inside like a normal standard panel .                                                

Now take the other metal banded sheetand position it on the panel inside the grooves of the plastic profiles, push it down a bit. Now it's time to make holes with countersink drill bit in the plasticprofiles , in the external edge of panels. Once the holes are done it's time toscrew the countersunk head screws for all the holes you drilled before.                                                               

Well the panel is almost done,now Paolo will put the caps and the spacers and the panel will be ready to go.

Let's double check the waterproof coil extruded gasket,  look the panel fits perfectly into the frame thanks to the gasket. Now we spray water to check if it comes inside, as you see the waterremains outside and the internal part is very dry. The panel has passed the test.

You see it was very easy and very fast. Good job , thank you Paolo. 

We will see you next time bye bye.